EY 5 PE/Music-Dance Sequncing

Dance sequencing was the them of our Music/PE Unit. Each student worked with a group of peers to create and perform their own dance composition with the help of our dance cards. Each student was graded on their steady beat, 8 count rhythm, and ability to execute moves.

Paper Mache Bird Nest-Art

Some of our Early Years students experimented with paper mache during Play-Based Learning. They created bird nest from recycled magazine strips.

EY5 Art -Clay

EY5 explored clay during their last art unit. Each student learned to make pinch pots and got a chance to craft their own creations. Look at what we made………

High School Music Students Visit the ECC

As part of our performance unit, the early years had the privilege of watching  live music during play-based learning. Our high school diploma program students entertained us with a few covers and even allowed us to join in the music fun. The early years would like to send a special thank you to those students and their teachers Ms. Moore and Mr. Wotherspoon!



Walking on Stilts

Balance is a very important coordination skill that continuously develops throughout the early years. One of our most popular play-based learning activities for PE has been walking on stilts.

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Let’s Shake!!

In Early Years we decided to combine Art and Music and inquire into things that shake. We explored the instruments in the music room and got to make some shakers of our own.

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In EY 5 we practiced the art technique of Quilling. Students used strips of paper to wrap or coil shapes. Here is what they created.

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It’s Not A Box!

In Early Years we finished our recycled materials art unit with boxes. In collaboration with the classroom theme ” It’s Not a Box”, students were given the freedom to use their imaginations and¬†create their own designs.

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Introduction to Yoga Practice

Happy Snow Day. I am sure many people are out playing in the snow. If you are looking for some inside physical activity, it may be a good day to look at some of our beginning yoga posses we have explored in PE class.

We have had the pleasure of having a trained yoga instructor, Pia Joyner, assist us in PE class this year. This is a simple introduction that does require adult supervision. Ask your child about other posses they have learned. This would be a great day for the family to practice all together!

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