During our performance unit, we explored the meaning of performing. We also discussed all of the performance groups that are music related which includes the orchestra. Check out our Grade 1 Orchestra as they listened to “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”.

Grade 1 Handstands

With the help of our PE assistant Ms. Joyner, grade 1 got a chance to work on their balance with assisted handstands.


Grade 1 worked very hard to complete their March Weaving Project. This was a very popular project that even made it into our Play-Based Learning activities. We started with a simple paper plate loom and learned how to craft a spiderweb. We even made pom-poms to add as spiders!

Grade 1 Art -Clay

During our clay exploration, grade 1 practiced different skills which will prepare them for our end of the year ceramics project. We learned to make pinch pots and to wedge our clay to rid it of air holes. Scroll though and see if you can spot each students pinch pot….

Grade 1 Dance Performance’s

Did you miss the grade 1 dance performances at assembly? Check it out below.

Ms. Sweep’s class performs line dance called “Turkey in the Straw”.

Ms. Witte’s class performs Latin inspired dance called “Nacho Mama”.

Composers Create

Watch grade 1 working hard to create a piece of music. They chose instruments, practiced, and recorded. Want to see their music? Check it out at our 3 Way Conferences…….

Staying in the Lines…

Learning to paint in the lines can be more difficult than it sounds. In this activity we linked the sound of music with the visual of art to show others what we hear. Each creation was very unique but painting  technique was our common theme!!

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Elmer the Elephant

In Grade 1 we combined Literature and Art. Student got to know “Elmer the Elephant” and his beautiful, multi-colored skin. During this activity, we researched color and started simple weaving patterns.


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